Saturday, December 26, 2009

Advice for women carve XL (II)

As we commented in previous ours post, we have begun a series of articles with advice so that you can shine more beautiful without mattering if your stature is XL. It remembers that, also since there are saying, the true beauty is an innate seal of the woman, without concerning the size of its body; and to know how to shine implies it to leave of side the prejudices and complexes.

We see then, to begin, a fundamental point; to discover your personal style:

- your style is a mixture of several things: personality, naturalness, acceptance.
- to find your style you must leave of side the fashions and tendencies, and prioritize what better it goes with you.
- it rejects those articles that do not favor to you, without mattering what so fashionable is
- it unique uses articles that help you to shine well and heighten your image.
- it experiments until detecting those articles that better feel to you, and the ideal combination for your body.
- once found your style all the others it lacks importance, because you will walk by the life shining of a unique form and unmistakable.

For that not yet they have found his style, we hoped to have given some tracks. For those women XL who already know which is the own style still we have some conceit more than they do not have to let pass.

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Advice for women carve XL

All the women we have an innate beauty that goes beyond our stature or of the type of clothes which we pruned or not to use; in spite of which the great footbridges of the fashion want to also impose to us is a great dose of beauty, style and harmony in those women with stature XL.
Most important he is aceptarte as you are, to find your strongpoint and to remove to the maximum benefit to that part from our body and personality that us makes unique and.
For this it is fundamental to leave of side the prejudices and the preconceptions, although also we must admit that often we needed a special aid of which they know more to combine and to choose our clothes correctly.
Splendid Verte even though your body is stature XL is not impossible, it will only depend on the elections that you do and a pair of advice who will help to secure that harmony you so wished.
For it we will especially begin a series dedicated to the women with voluptuous bodies, if you are one of them you do not lose our next articles.

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How to Dress us for the Christmas Celebrations

To this height of the month of December or all we are thinking what we will shine in the next Christmas celebrations and all the previous meetings that bring prepared, or are of work or with friendly. Nobody wants to shine out of place and as always the important thing is to feel comfortable, to be elegant but with an unmanner lines touch that helps to see us us more modern.
Sometimes like these and when the events become something almost daily it is quite difficult to know how what to put itself for each occasion. For that reason today we give some ideas you for orientate in case you are thinking what to use in a food or dinner of enterprise year end.
In dinners as these the important thing is to maintain the elegance but without calling too much the attention. To no of us we would on the following day like to be the reason for the cotilleo in the office. For that reason the advice is: something comfortable, elegant but discreet. And care, you do not confuse elegant with classic or boring, it is possible to be perfectly elegant with a youthful and modern attire. Everything depends on knowing how to choose and to make the combinations pertinent.
Surely you find in your wardrobes a black dress, that is the ideal joker for meals of this style, and if it is to the knee far better.

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The line denim of Beckham Victory

Beckham victory already has to us customary to its wonderful collections, from the high seam, the dresses and also now its new collection of clothes denim. Line that besides presenting/displaying it in the best footbridges and with a graphical promotion of a style and design of highest quality; aside from all this, it said to them, in these days has seen it shining them in his newspaper to walk.
The collection is formed by jeans of all type of you cut and woven of an originality makes that it stand out the rest of the sent thing for this autumn-winter 2009-2010 enters. Also it excels by the diversity of colors and the exquisite form to combine them.
In any case there is who prefer the lines of dresses and celebration clothes that Victory usually presents/displays. We will see that it has preparation to us for the next year, in which to Spring-Summer collection one talks about, of which already it has been possible to see some advances.
And you, you would use some of the trousers that the beautiful Beckham Victory has presented/displayed?

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Suri Cruise, True Top Model Infantile

The small Suri Cruise is a star from the first day of life, but now, with his short three years of age and that innate beauty that has inherited of its ancestors already it has turned into a true icon of the infantile fashion.
Suri, as all we know is daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, besides being a beautiful girl is mimada of its mother who spends true fortunes so that her small princess shines like true diva in miniature.
According to close friends to the family, Katie spends around 25,000 dollars monthly in clothes for its daughter, who with its innovating attires and fresh and funny his look has conquered to all the specialized press and it has already become cover of the quoted magazines more of the market of the fashion.
Suri shines articles of exclusive designers, the highest seam and famous companies of design, but for that reason it is still a prepared girl to play and to enjoy the life as it corresponds to his age. Therefore it is possible at least to be seen whenever it leaves stroll with his parents.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Adidas DFB Jersey Home White

Product Features

100% Polyester
The new home jersey of the DFB in the replica version recalls with black cuffs and black collar on the jerseys from 1954 and 1974.The high-quality, black deposited DFB logo is inspired by the Jersey of the European Champion 1996th
The jersey includes many details like the lettering German Football - League in the neck and 11 embossed lines that symbolize the team spirit of the national team

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T-shirt With Clock

You have some fellow worker that always arrives behind schedule at all sides? Or one of those friendly very disorganized that you invite whenever them to have dinner cause that the food is burned to you? Tired to discuss with your pair by the delays in the appointments? Tranquilization that is remedy for everything!

Here we showed an excellent alternative to you to give to him to which they make hope you more of the account, the original T-Clock t-shirts.
To a cost of 34.95 Euros you can acquire a t-shirt with a great clock incorporated in its pechera that is impossible from not being seen, done that once and for all it will give by earth with any excuse from which usually they arrive behind schedule adducing not to have seen the hour. It works with four batteries AAA and it comes in three measures: small, medium and large. That yes, they ten in account that is only washed by hand!

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Electric Rock Guitar Shirt, the t-shirt with integrated electrical guitar

It takes with you your music where you want with this new invention. One is not a portable reproducer of MP3 nor anything of the sort, but rather of a t-shirt with functional a completely integrated electrical guitar.
Electric Rock Guitar Shirt is the name of this gadget of the people of Think Geek.
The ideal complement for this t-shirt is the small amplifier that comes with the same, that is equal of functional since it is of small dimensions you can take and it in the belt. You can buy it of way online through site of Think Geek where it is published to 29.99 dollars. And if not yet you are convinced it watches east video.
Brilliant! And since you have been able to observe it seems that new instruments in t-shirts will be sold because in the band besides the “guitarist” also there was a boy with a battery integrated in its t-shirt.

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Fashion Emergency Pack: Emergency Footwear

The today article is dedicated only to them, or whoever to surprise them with a present that of insurance will thank for much to him. For its tired feet, they have created a emergency footwear that they will be able to take in the portfolio.

Pretty Ballerinas is the company/signature responsible for this original but so useful creation. The concept of this gadget consists of pack of emergency with a pair of called dancing Fashion Emergency Pack.
The Fashion Emergency Pack comes in a hermetic stock market so that it is only abierta in cases of real emergency, like the one from a prolonged celebration in which their feet no longer can support the form of the heels that have combined so well with the dress. This Pack they will be able to enjoy the celebrations without having to think about becoming to their houses to take off the winding shoes of celebrations. You can acquire to about 109 Euros and are of color silver metalised and designed in skin.

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Pong PROM, sweater shirt to dance and to play the Pong

You equivocations! But freak observes this good invention call Pong PROM that combines a sweater shirt with the ancestral game of Pong video with which you will be able to remove to dance a girl at the same time as you play a little with this primitive game.

One is a sweater shirt that comes with a screen of LED in the part of the chest. In the screen we see the classic Pong game to that we will be able to play facing another player (or better player if you are man) who wears an equal sweater shirt. The secret is that to move the bar of the game you must balancers forwards and backwards and that way will move towards the left or the right. It obtains it to this thanks to an accelerometer placed in the back part of the neck.

His creator comments that “the project uses the platform Arduino Lilypad to control the game, to execute the screen and to communicate enters devices. Conductive weave patches in shoulders, the hips and the fists of the shirts are used to in series create a connection between the Arduinos. An attached accelerometer in the later part of the neck allows each player to control its game of balance of its pair of round trip" .

Total frikada, but that is still a good excuse to remove to dance a girl. Here we left the video you so that you see as it works.

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Thongs and shorts with pockets for condom


The new Clothing Line of Bimba and Lola 2010

There is a fashion for each style of woman, for those less daring than they enjoy to dress a more traditional way and with an falsified touch of high seam but without stopping being youthful and modern, it exists Bimba and Lola.
With its more classic colors but with a cut unmistakable the company/signature has managed to position itself as a true mark of pasarella, within reach of the today woman.

Bimba and Lola do not stop surprising to us through these years, its growth throughout the world is one more a sample of than their proposals are than attractive more and than thousands of women exist who adore the ample shoulder reinforcements, clothes to the waist, trousers, the metalised portfolios and the jackets trench.

Although there are certain things that to all we do not have left well, the certain thing is that the tendency marked by Bimba and Lola already has its market of followers, that in addition does not stop to grow.
And you, already you knew the new thing this company/signature?

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Fashion Men: Inflatable Scarfs

Very not very often we have dedicated ourselves in fashion of them, then, we will do today it. With the advance of the cold in this harsh winter that is approached in our earth, there is inflatable accessory in the wardrobes of all man who wants to go in fashion.

We are speaking of the star of this season autumn-winter: the scarf of men. Although a scarf is something that each of us we have, this winter they are convertiran in irreplaceable accessories, all type of colors and with the most varied printings.

That yes, nothing of replacements to the traditional wool, all the scarfs that you use east winter must be of wool; you can choose according to your taste its texture: consistent or slight thickness and.
In addition now it is constituted in a inflatable article as much by day as at night, from rays to spots, everything is allowed, whenever you know to take it with glamour and style.
You do not forget it, right now you would have to begin to think about buying some but.

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